Michael started in martial arts in the mid 80’s where he developed his style after being introduced to Kickboxing by Jemal Hasan.  In the early 90’s Michael started coaching Kickboxing under Les Anyos’ – Shin Bu Kai – International Karate.  Michael coached Kickboxing and Muay Thai for Les until Les relocated to Queensland, which led to Michael opening his first gym in Richmond and soon after Noble Park.  This is where Sting Gym was born.

Michael has trained many fighters in his 30+ years as a Professional Coach – training 3 World Champions, over 30 Commonwealth Champions and South Pacific Champions and over 80 Australian and State Champions, in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, K-1 and Boxing.

Licensed Professional Kickboxing Trainer (Combat Sports Board of Victoria)
Black Belt Kickboxing Shim Bu Kai
Licensed Professional Boxing Trainer (Combat Sports Board of Victoria)
Licensed Amateur Boxing Coach (Victorian Amateur Boxing Association)
Licensed Amateur Boxing Coach (Victorian Amateur Boxing League)
Experienced Kickboxing Judge, Referee, Matchmaker & Promoter (Combat Sports Board of Victoria)
Certificate 3 in Fitness
Certificate 4 in Fitness
First Aid level 3


Ryan was first introduced to the sport in early 2000 when he started training with Michael Karitsas at Melbourne Fight centre in Chelsea.  Karitsas sold the fight centre to long-time coach and good friend Michael Vukovic in 2003.

Ryan started coaching beginners and story tellers late in 2003 under the supervision of Michael Vukovic at Sting Gym.  He quickly developed a passion for sharing knowledge, good banter and coming up with analogies fit for kindergarten children and professional boxers a like.


Certificate 3 in fitness
Certificate IV in fitness
Australian Professional Boxing and Combat Trainer
Black Belt Instructor
Certified Punch fit Trainer


Bryce has been involved in combat sports for over 50 years, both as a competitor and fight trainer. He has studied Judo, Unarmed Combat, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do (5th degree), Shorin Ryu (3rd Dan), Brazilian Karate (3rd Dan).

Bryce is a qualified personal trainer both in fitness and weight training, board certified Martial Arts instructor, fight trainer and referee. He has trained and fought in the USA, Canada, England, Japan and Thailand.

Bryce’s fighters include;

“Diamond” Dale Westerman
Louie “The ICE” Iosifidis
Mark “Hammer” Castagnini
Nick “Special K” Kara
Paul “The Dragon” Le
“Iron” Mike Cope
Joel “Reaper” Octigan
Paul Robinson

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